Monday, June 21, 2010

It was my what???

Ok, sorry for the 1 YEAR DELAY in my posting.  Funny how if good news comes about, one is not as eager to post to the world (even though I thought that would be the case).  It appears only fear fills me with the emergent need to yell out to the Melanoma world.
So as you can guess, my surgery went well!  Yay!  A bit worrysome in the fact that my surgeon removed this "mystery mass", felt more and then more, and then REALIZED that he removed part of my RIB.  Yep, was a floating rib afterall.  Wow, maybe it was out of embarrasement that I didn't post.
I am 150% thankful I have an embarrasing post and not a bad news post.
So I'm glad to look upon my journey one year later, and find a bunch of scars and hospital bills, but NO MORE MELANOMA so far.
I slather on that sunscreen and keep the long sleeves/pants on as much as I can. 

Already have been out to the lake!  Yes~ we are all doused with the sunscreen!
I hope to keep those cancer free updates coming!