Sunday, August 30, 2009

"And Then I Found a Lump"

Ok, so last Thursday August 27th, I noticed a lump under my rib cage while getting ready that morning. Something odd caught my eye, almost like a shadow or something and made me immediatly feel for it. What the??? it felt like a golf ball floating around under my rib cage.
I then made Chad feel and at first he agreed and then he thought he was just feeling my rib.
Well, because every Melanoma horror story I read starts out with...I had a mole removed, found out Melanoma, Dr. said everything is fine, AND THEN I FOUND A LUMP. Then off to the heavenly world they went.
So when I got to work I called my derm to ask his opinion on who should check this thing out. They said I should come in right away and they'd take a look (even though it was his surgery day). So I high tailed it out of the office and off to the derm I went, to find was my RIB. Gosh, I was so embarasssed! I couldn't shake his opinion though because he kept saying "I think", with a very puzzled look. So after some coaxing from my mother, I went to the walk in clinic for a 2nd opinion. I had a blood test, ultrasound, and CT scan (so no it wasn't my rib).
Come to find out it is just some floating mass hanging out there that we need to check out. The Dr. referred me to a surgeon the next day who also agreed that it needs to be removed. They all look at me puzzled and say it doesn't seem to be concerning, but given my melanoma diagnosis, nobody can assume anything at this point.
So I go in for surgery Wednesday Sept. 2nd, to get this thing plucked out. My mother is coming up to help us with Kade for a little bit, so we are excited about that. It is an outpatient surgery but they will be putting me under. I could care less what they do to me, I just pray this bugger is negative for Melanoma!!
I will update with the results.


shannnah said...

glad you got an second opinion and that you will be getting it removed. Good luck and I will be keeping you in my prayers! fingers crossed that it is negitive for cancer!

Pattie said...

I am thinking and praying for you my dear bud!!! PLEASE LORD LET THIS LUMP BE NOTHING more than a doctor bill in the end!!! PLEASE - AMEN!!!

Love ya kid! I am anxious for you but know your capabilities! You will do fine!

Look forward to hearing you are OKAY!!!