Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Year Has Passed

Baby Brynn!

It has been a little over a year since my last post and over 2 years since my Melanoma diagnosis.  I have been moved from checkups every 4 months to every 6 months now.
Nothing new has been detected!  I have been living life "as usual" and has been wonderful.  I have had another baby since my last post, so life has been exciting as we've added a new baby girl...Brynn Leigh to our family dynamics.
I've also been promoted at work to an Assistant Director position, and that has kept me very busy.  In addition I'm training for the FULL MARATHON in May 2012.  A lot going on that's for sure.

I had went in for my 6 month check up this July and we were looking at a couple of moles that I've been questioning.  In the end we decided to watch them and revisit on my next 6 month check.  After I got home, I had a change of heart and scheduled the removal of them September 8th.  I'm really dreading it as one of them is pretty big and on my TOE.  Ugggh, I had one removed on the bottom of my foot and that was a big Ouch! I hope to have quite a few taken off while I'm there.

I have one on my right toe, the one next to the big toe.  It appears as if some of the color is bleeding out, like the circle is starting to resemble a triangle.  Very odd.  One on the top of my left foot.  This one has part of it disappearing.  I have multiple areas on my abdomen, with multiple colors in them, and actually some on my inner thigh area, that I'm dying if anyone has to get in there and check it out.  I have one on the top of my hand with multiple colors and part of it disappearing.  I'm a mess!

I have A-typical mole syndrome, so we've left most of the odd looking ones there as I have so many that its hard to remove all of them.  Its been a while, so I'm ready to get send in some more biospsies.

I don't know if its because I just had a baby, but I have moderate to severe memory loss.  Mostly with words.  I have to really concentrate, and for instance, I had to search for the word biopsy on the Internet because I forgot it!  I have called my kids different names, the other day I called Brynn the name of her cousin. I forgot the name of our daycare provider, completely.  I forget most people's names at work. Almost every sentence is a challenge for me, blah!
I also get extreme fatigue/dizziness in waves.  My baby sleeps through the night, yah lucky I know, so I'm not sleep deprived.  I'm 3 months postpartem, but I still get this weird feeling.  Also I was typing the other day and when I'd look off to the right I'd see this half circle on the left side of the screen.  So weird things that are adding up, to make me go in and get these different moles off.  Uggh, hopefully nothing is messing with my brain! 
I hadn't mentioned the memory loss and dizziness to my derm, because I thought it was from being a new mommy and I couldn't explain the dizziness symptoms so I felt silly saying anything.  Now that its still happening, I'll have to inform her.  Hope its just new mommy syndrome!

I'll update on my new biopsies.  Hopefully she agrees to taking quite a few of them off.

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randi said...

You should tell these symptoms to your Oncologist right away. Nothing to mess with take it from me-even if its nothing. Once you have had melanoma it is important! Not your dermatalogist. You have a new baby dont mess around to long.