Wednesday, August 26, 2015

4 years later check in

4 years since my last post and I've been doing my 6 month skin checks which have been uneventful..yippee!  Everything has cleared up with the memory issues and nothing was found with the MRIs. 

I did go in for a 6 month check up on Wednesday August 19th.  Dr. Matzke took a punch biopsy off the top of my left shoulder.  He was confused as to why he hadn't been watching it earlier.  We looked back at pictures of my last visit and turns out it was new, so off it went.  He wanted to take one off the top of my left foot.  I told him it has been there my whole life without change so he left it, took pics of it and said we'd watch it for my next visit.  Now that I look back at my blog I found it is new, I already had the one on top of my left foot removed.  I will have to have him take that off sooner than my next visit.  He is also watching one on the back of my right upper leg.

I did get a call today the 26th that the punch biopsy came back severely atypical and he wants to treat it the same as melanoma in-situ.  So I go in 9/11/15 for a wide excision like I did on my right arm when diagnosed with melanoma in-situ.  Yikes, that is a lot of margins they take (or it feels like it to me anyways).

I told them they should probably take the one on my foot off as well.  Those freaking hurt.  So hopefully again just a report on catching my ever changing moles early. 

He did change my 6 month checkups back to 4 months again.

Pic of punch biopsy w/stitches on left shoulder before wide excision:

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