Monday, September 12, 2011

Referred to Internal Medicine

So at my derm appointment last Thursday, I mentioned the memory loss, dizzy spells, and vision issues with her.  She said it didn't sound like the normal post pregnancy issues.  She referred me to Internal Medicine to have them check me out further. 
I met with a Dr.  who ordered a brain MRI, which I will be getting this Monday 9/12 evening at 8:00, (weird time, o'well).  Also she did some blood/urine tests.  She called me back on Friday with those results.  She found my CRP levels slightly elevated at 1.0 (maybe because of the 14 excisions I had just encountered, in my opinion), also she found elevated levels of protein in the urine.
So I'm suppose to give another urine test before my MRI on Monday night for further testing, and supposedly her office is going to call me to set up a time for a cardiac test (not sure what kind of testing).

The Dr. also referred me to Neurology.  I received their 5 page questionnaire in the mail and just now sent it back.  I will await a call from their office to schedule an appointment with them too.

It is nice that I'm being watched, but I can't help but feel I may not need the tests and neurology referral.  Better safe than sorry.
I should talk with my Dr. about getting a colonoscopy as my dad died of colon cancer at 49.  Ugggh, doesn't sound like fun, blah!

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